Brake drag help
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Author:  JGIG73 [ Wed Oct 14, 2015 9:49 am ]
Post subject:  Brake drag help

Wanted to know if you guys are getting a small amount of drag on your front and rear brakes. Yesterday I did a front caliper cleaning (without removing the pistons and seals) scrubbed everything down with Palmolive dish soap worked the pistons in and out of the calipers and re assembled. With the front wheel off the ground the tire spins however I can hear a very quiet amount of drag and it slows the wheel down. Its not a drastic slow down but its evident. Took the bike to work today and braking was very good, with a linear feeling. Drove 20 miles and parked the bike, immediately I touched both front rotors and they where only slighty warm. The rear rotor however was hot. To the point where I couldnt keep my hand on it. The rear rotor isnt discolored or warped, but its getting hot from a small amount of drag. Could this be a sign of the seals needing to be replaced as they are not allowing the pistons to fully retract into the calipers, or is it normal to have a fair bit of drag on the front and back. My fluid levels are not over filled in the reservoirs.

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